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Oh hai. - die Lindenbilder [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Oh hai. [Jul. 8th, 2014|07:09 pm]
die Lindenbilder
Funny - I still religiously read LJ, comment when I can, and never want mine to die, yet I almost never post in here.

Summer has been ridiculously busy so far, which I love, but hate.

This winter was REALLY hard on me, emotionally. I stopped going to the gym, stopped eating healthy, rarely went out. My seasonal depression came back with a vengeance. You guys, it was BAD. The second the weather broke, I started back up at the gym again (and have been religiously going 3+ times per week), I've been going out, I've been feeling better. As it stands, I have plans every weekend between now and mid-August, and it's fantastic. There's plans for beach trips, girls' weekends, and Neil Patrick Harris (again). All good things.

Ok, "hate" is a really strong word. I dislike the fact that because I've been so busy, there are things that have slipped by the wayside. I REALLY had motivation to keep my blog going (and still do), but it's hard. I have janky setups both for shooting photos (cardboard box + t-shirt fabric + lights that I clip on to my chair) and for shooting videos (lighting that isn't bright enough + no place to shoot videos), so every time I do either, it's VERY labor-intensive. I just wish that I had a space all of my own to set everything up with a proper space and proper backdrop where it wouldn't be in anyone's way. It would be far easier to motivate myself for everything if I could just walk up to a space and start photographing/shooting without an hour of setup each time. It's hard, but I miss it. A lot.

Really, I'm complaining about nothing. Things really are great right now - I only wish I could find a solution for the photography stuff. Ah well. This week, we have a trip planned to Atlantic City (Timm's birthday gift) with a birthday party for a friend this weekend. A friend is having a bacon-themed party next weekend, and then the weekend after that, we're back in NJ for beach time and a visit with Lindsay. After that is epic girl weekend with Michelle, Charlotte, and MJ and HEDWIG AGAIN OMG.

[User Picture]From: eyerebecca
2014-07-09 11:55 pm (UTC)


This is too funny. I haven't checked LJ in, well, I can safely say about 4 years now (my last post I was planning my wedding!) and check today and unbeknownst to me - AHA! Sure enough, Linda's at it, too, after a break (just 7-months, but hey, who's counting?). And you still have the same wallpaper as you did years ago.

I know this comment has nothing to do with your post so far - I just has to say something. ;)

Happy to hear you have broken out of your winter doldrums. Going to the gym absolutely helps. Keep it up! I'm rooting for you. :)

And enjoy those summer outings!

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