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Beautiful Weekend - die Lindenbilder [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
die Lindenbilder

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Beautiful Weekend [Feb. 16th, 2015|03:13 pm]
die Lindenbilder
The weather in Baltimore this weekend was painfully unbearable. The high both days was in the low teens, with windchills that dipped into -15° territory. It was the kind of wind that made it painful to have your face exposed. Because of that, I spent a lot of the weekend bundled up under blankets.

Still, in SPITE of the weather, I did this weekend what I sought out to do. Maybe it's selfish (hell, it probably is), but I had a "beauty weekend", if you will. All of it amounted to not an obscene amount of money to make me feel a bit more fantastic, since this winter has been hard on me. I had my eyebrows done, my nails put back on, my (ahem) lip waxed, my hair cut, and I treated myself to a massage. It felt good to spoil myself, and reminded me that from here on out, I want to commit myself to getting a massage at least a few times per year. It was a little bit of money, sure, but 100% worth it.

In my Wicca news...
I've still been reading up a lot on the religion and seeing what parts of it do and do not stick with me. There are a few parts I "struggle" with (and I'm using the word struggle very lightly), but otherwise, so much of it clicks with me. I've slowly been gathering tools that speak to me for my altar. Oh, remember how I said that I wasn't really sure how Timm felt about the whole thing? Well, I got my answer the other day.

We were sitting on the couch when he sort of bashfully said, "Umm, so I got you something, but if you don't like it, it's no big deal."  He then handed me a handmade, wrought-iron knife and said, "I think this would be really good for your rituals. It's handmade, and it's made of a natural material, so you could use this for cutting herbs and everything." It sounds silly, but I was SO touched by it. It was a moment where I realized that after almost 14 years of being together, he still "gets" me. It was a really sweet offer.

This weekend was supposed to be the weekend I was going to go to NYC. Instead, I'm still taking this Friday off, but going to have lunch with my mom instead. On Saturday, I'm going to see Bianca del Rio - the winner last season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Should be fantastic!

Is it Spring yet?  ;)

From: schmooo
2015-02-18 11:02 pm (UTC)
That's SO sweet about the gift! I'm glad he's so supportive of your new adventures, as partner support is really all you need to keep confident on your path.

Been hearing a lot about that cold snap you guys are having. Stay warm if you can!
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